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Sensual and oil-free massage gel, allows the realization of an intense and lasting massage without giving rise to a feeling of oiliness. With a soft and pleasant texture that provides a unique sensory experience.


Made with our combination of secret Lovium excite ingredients that, based on innovative techniques, acts by increasing sexual attraction, both in men and women.

Composed of assets created from the jasmine flower, which causes an increase in testosterone in men, and the fruit of the carob tree, whose content of short-chain fatty acids mimics copulins (substances produced naturally by women, that produce an increase in testosterone in men). Our vegetable derivatives of the Makandi plant and black tea stimulate the natural production of male pheromones.

This magical combination manages to promote a global increase in attraction in both sexes.

Natural and biodegradable ingredients have been incorporated into the formulation, replacing other synthetic alternatives (irritants) that provide greater beneficial properties for the skin, such as Tara Gum, which, thanks to its composition of vitamins and complex sugars, provides moisturizing and and that creates a natural protective barrier for the skin, which reduces the loss of trans-epidermal water, thus improving the degree of hydration and care of the skin. Or Propanediol, as an alternative to propylene glycol (derived from petroleum), which is a moisturizer obtained from cane or corn sugar, and which makes the skin soft, is non-comedogenic and does NOT leave a greasy feeling on the skin. We have also incorporated active ingredients with a moisturizing and moisturizing action on the skin, such as: Aloe vera, which favors an important moisturizing, softening and refreshing action, or Glycerin, which is capable of retaining a large amount of water in its structure, helping to maintain the skin’s own water balance. Suitable for oral use.


Compatible with condoms and suitable for anal, oral or vaginal sex.