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Ideal mouth spray to achieve fresh and pleasant breath.

Eliminate bad breath immediately


Enriched with hydrating and moisturizing active ingredients, which provide a high degree of hydration and care while providing a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Thanks to its ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, which acts effectively as a moisturizing and moisturizing agent, keeping the area perfectly hydrated and protected. Or, Aloe vera, with a re-epithelializing and moisturizing action, which favors an important moisturizing, softening and refreshing action. Or, Glycerin, with great moisturizing power, thanks to the fact that it is capable of retaining a large amount of water in its structure, helping to maintain the skin’s own water balance.

Without alcohol.

With a pleasant aroma of peppermint (CitricMint).

Immediate action, moisturizes and refreshes while removing bad breath

Ideal for Before and After Intercourse